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CW Broadcast Makes FM
Transmitters from 150W to 5kW

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CW Broadcast is a leader in design and manufacture of radio frequency equipment for FM broadcast and industrial applications. We exceed quality expectations in design and manufacturing by creating simpler and more efficient products with cutting edge technology.

Our transmitters are cost effective to buy and efficient to operate.  Our transmitters feature 14-bit Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) exciters.   DDS exciters are the best, most sonically pure, available anywhere in the world.  Click here to read why DDS exciters are superior and what it means to you.  Our power amplifiers use super-rugged LDMOS transistors that achieve 80% efficiency, reducing your cost of operation. 

We make it easy and affordable for your FM radio station to be heard from our cost-effective and high-quality FM transmitters. Our broadcasting packages will ensure that you sound great on the air without breaking your budget or jeopardizing the quality of your broadcast.

We care about our customers which is why our products are all designed, made and supported in USA.  Our transmitters are  manufactured and fabricated in Spokane WA.  We know our products inside and out in order to provide a higher standard of customer service. Our strategic partnerships with US vendors have allowed us to stay “made in the USA” and provide quality product support from design and fabrication to FM broadcasting.

CW Broadcast Transmitters - Made in USA