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Custom & Private Label Projects

CircuitWerkes designs and fabricates both custom and private label electronics as well as modified versions of our regular designs. Click here to learn more.

Cool New Products

  • The SiteSentry2 is an economical, Web-based remote control with 2 analog metering channels, 2 optically isolated status inputs and six relay outputs. Free multi-site monitoring software is included. Designed for stations that might not normally be able to afford a quality remote control, the SiteSentry2 has a suggested list price of only $329!Click here for information on the SiteSentry2.
  • The WebGain4 is a Web-enabled remote audio controller. It has four balanced audio inputs. Each input has one, remote controlled audio output. Additionally, there are two mixed outputs so that the WebGain can be used as a remotely operated stereo 2 input mixer. The WebGain4 will be available in August of 2010.
  • The DC232d is a serial delay designed to accompany profanity delays and provide a delayed serial data stream to accompany the profanity delay. The DC232d is adjustable via the front panel and has a remote dump trigger to sync the serial data to the audio.
  • The SiteSentry6 4 is a Web-enabled, six channel remote controller based on the Sicon-8 platform. The SiteSentry6 will be released in September of 2010.
  • The SiCon-8 is a Dialup Remote Control like no other. Allowing you to record your own messages, the Sicon-8 can speak any language in the world. Eight metering, eight control and eight status channels allow you total control of your transmitter site. The SiCon-8 comes with a free Windows-based GUI for easy visual monitoring of every channel. X-10 capability also allows remote control through existing internal power wiring of lights, motion sensors, and much more! Click here for information on the SiCon-8.
  • Introducing the MicTel, CircuitWerkes' update of the Gentner brand MicroTel. With all the features you are use to, plus many new ones, the MicTel becomes the new "must-have" box for remote broadcasts. The battery life on the MicTel lasts up to an incredible 36+ hours! Click here for information (PDF) on the MicTel.
  • The pREX is a Smart Relay Converter / Multiplier. pREX accepts a wide variety of input signals and converts them to contact closure outputs. Microprocessor control lets you chose special modes, like latching, interlocked, timed, closure on input release, etc. With RS-232 input, you control the functions on the fly. All outputs appear on a 50-pin SCSI (RJ-21) connector that interfaces with standard Telco 66 punchblocks for easy wiring. Click here for information (PDF) on the pREX.
  • The REX is an inexpensive relay multiplier with 6 isolated inputs and 24 contact closure outputs. Each inputs an be set for active high, active low, or direct drive of the relays. Click here for information (PDF) on the REX
  • The GENr8 is a powerful, yet inexpensive DTMF encoder. It can produce either single DTMF tones or can record and play DTMF sequences up to 20 digits long. RS-232 lets you control or program the GENr8 from any PC. Click here for information (PDF) on the GENr8
  • The DT-232 is a DTMF to computer interface that can decode DTMF tones and send them to your PC or it can take input from your PC and generate DTMF tones. Answers telephone calls and sends/receive DTMF tones. Four DTMF controlled relays can operate external devices. Click here for information (PDF) on the DT-232
  • Introducing the TelTap, an inexpensive manual telephone coupler and passive telephone line listener. The TelTap is a completely passive device that can be used as either a manual telephone coupler or can be used as a phone "tap". The TelTap includes a ring detector LED and two RJ-11 connectors. The RJ-11s are normally in parallel so that you can connect a telephone through the TelTap. The telephone interconnect RJ-11 can be set to auto-disconnect when the TelTap is used as a manual coupler. Audio is transformer coupled to a 1/4" TRS (Headphone style) jack that can be used to send or receive half-duplex audio from any standard phone line or analog port. A mute switch is included to shut off the audio as desired. Switches are recessed for ruggedness making the TelTap an excellent accessory for broadcast remote kits. No power is required to use the TelTap. List price is $89.00. Find out more about the TelTap.

  • TELCO-6, a multi-line telephone ringer interface. The Telco-6 accepts up to six telephone line inputs.  It detects incoming rings for all six lines and provides individual DPDT relay contact outputs for each line.  The Telco-6 is just $259 and is available now.  Get more info on the Telco-6 here
  • The CircuitWerkes SUB-03 was completely redesigned in 2003 to be even easier to set up and more reliable than ever due to new microprocessor technology. It can be used to automate your network feeds or take the guesswork out of when to cut away from networks. The decoder listens to your audio source and gives you dry contact closures from any service that sends subaudible tones, including satellite receivers, RPUs and POTS frequency extenders. The decoder's relay contacts interface easily with your automation system.Click here to download information for the SUB-03.