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Although CW Broadcast is a new maker of transmitters, it's built on many years of broadcast experience.  CircuitWerkes has been in broadcast equipment design and manufacturing since 1989.  Many of you have used our problem solving products over the years.  In the past 20 years, we've made a living primarily on our control systems, including the Sicon-8 remote control. 

In the mid 1990s, in California, another company called PTEK launched and quickly became a leader in low cost transmitters.  PTEK built a wide range of products that have been used for FM Broadcast, Federal Government and Military applications.  Many of these are still in use today.

CircuitWerkes bought the assets of PTEK and we have combined some of the former PTEK innovative RF designs with our deep understanding of controls.  This has helped us to design a line of products that are far better than anything that the former PTEK made before.

Above all else, your station needs to stay on the air.  We know that machines eventually break, but systems can be made that will survive minor faults and even keep working. These transmitters will also protect themselves from more serious damage when problems do occur.  By monitoring many more key systems and parameters, we have designed intelligent control systems that will both try to keep you on the air while alerting you of a problem and monitoring the rest of the system to make sure that small failures don't spiral out of control to become big (EXPENSIVE) problems.  

Not only do our new medium and high powered transmitters transmitters have superior monitoring and control systems, we can retrofit many older PTEK transmitters to the new CW Broadcast standards.  If you're interested in upgrading an old transmitter to the new CW Broadcast standard, please contact us.

Superb Sonic Performance
Although many things can affect an FM signal, one of the main keys to transmitters that enjoy excellent sonic purity is the exciter.  Specifically, the modulated oscillator is the heart of a good exciter.  While most exciters use an old modulation technique known as VCO modulation, our transmitters use Direct Digital Synthesis or DDS for short.  DDS produces a modulated carrier that is measurably better than the best VCO modulated transmitter.  There are a lot of reasons why DDS is better and you can read more in depth here.  However, the main thing to know is that your listeners can hear the difference between our transmitters and other, inferior exciters. 

Broadcasting Solutions
Solid State transmitters from 50-5,000 watts for analog FM broadcasts. The gamma series with hot pluggable power supplies is available from 1,500 watts to 5,000 watts.
CW Broadcast Quality - Design and Manufacture
Our cutting edge technology creates products with fewer components and permits a small physical footprint for more efficient cooling and decreased thermal stress.  Switch mode power supplies provide consistent performance even when there are frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations making stressful demands on products that depend on electric power.
CW Broadcast designs eliminate hand-formed components, coils and hand-soldered components. The RF transformers are integrated into the PCB which is machine assembled and requires no additional adjustment or tuning. 
CircuitWerkes' CW Broadcast Customer Support
As many users can attest, CircuitWerkes has always been the broadcaster’s engineering partner.  CW Broadcast continues this tradition by providing superior technical support that sets us apart from the competition worldwide. We know our products because we design and manufacture them right here in the U.S.A. We don’t sell foreign manufactured products with our name on them!
With all CW Broadcast products you will find the same commitment to excellence that has propelled our products to a new level of performance.