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What happened to PTEK?  

A PTEK 3kW Transmitter

We decided to end the PTEK brand to reflect our new ownership and because we've moved forward beyond the original PTEK designs.  New PTEK products could come back sometime in the future.  You never know,  but not for a while, at least.

The original PTEK RF designs were really quite good.  A lot of you have had PTEK transmitters on the air for years with no problems.  PTEK's innovative direct digital synthesis exciters were among the earliest and best performing DDS exciters ever in the broadcast industry. We still get compliments on the sonic purity of our transmitters, which is directly linked to the DDS used in the exciters.

 One of the problems with earlier PTEK designs was that they lacked sophisticated control systems to effectively manage the transmitters. This could come to light when a minor failure happened, especially in the higher powered units.  In the medium and high powered line of the old PTEK transmitters, this lack of transmitter supervision often lead to severe damage of the RF output deck due to a relatively minor initial problem. 

We've spent a lot of effort addressing multiple ways to prevent damaging failures.  CircuitWerkes has been an industry leader in control systems for more than 20 years.  As you might know, remote control products like our Sicon-8 and our SiteSentry devices are extremely capable machines that broadcasters have relied on for many years.   By combining CircuitWerkes extensive control knowledge with PTEK's RF experience, we've hardened the designs so that catastrophic failures are virtually all a thing of the past.  Extensive monitoring of critical subsystems give you a much more useful look at how your transmitter is working. 

Below is the new Imperium system monitoring software that goes hand-in-hand with our new power distribution and monitoring board.  This software lets you monitor the temperature of the amplifiers and associated components.  You can also monitor the current feeding each PA as well as the total PA current.  Imperium also shows the system total efficiency and power output.

The software lets you set many of the critical parameters and shows you at a glance if an alarm happens.

Actual alarms are handled in the hardware almost instantly, saving the equipment from serious damage.

The new hardware will be available to retrofit upgrade most transmitters made in the last 10 years. 
Please contact us if you would like to find out more about upgrading.